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YouTube Videos

Increase SEO rankings with YouTube Video Presentations!

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Atlanta Video Studio Set Rental

Rent our broadcast studio set.

Atlanta studio space Full turnkey or rental.

Video Email Uses Video Actor

Get more leads and sales from your existing dealership website!

with Automotive Solutions

Corporate Videos

Educate viewers and build value!

Video Spokes Person with animated text, images and background video.

Laser Stream Video - 1-877-974-8364

INTERNET VIDEO PRODUCTION AT ITS FINEST If you're looking for a new and innovative way to promote your service, organization or product online, web video production could be the best solution. A video spokesperson or virtual salesperson on your homepage will instantly grab the attention of potential customers in three ways: 1. They'll SEE the video in full color. 2. They'll HEAR what your company has to offer instead of merely reading it. 3. They'll MARVEL at the fact that you went through all the effort of procuring your own website video. So how do you get your own website video? You obviously can't sit around at home or at the office with your own low quality camera, people would never take you seriously. You need video production services that will blow your mind (and the minds of your prospective clients). Laser Stream Video offers you everything you're looking for in a video spokesperson or virtual salesperson. WHY CHOOSE LASER STREAM VIDEO? When you're on the hunt for a professional website video, Laser Stream Video is the company that will do your company justice. Our team is made up a group of highly professional and passionate people who have backgrounds in broadcasting, information technology, marketing and the performing arts. One thing that sets our service apart from other video production services is our commitment. We take care to pay attention to the finest details of the production process. Laser Stream Video pays careful attention to the following: professional talent, writing your script with an accurate marketing message, wardrobe selection, hair and make-up, directing, music editing and post-production. Instead of offering a single product, Laser Stream Video tries to be as flexible as possible. We understand that we have a variety of different clients who require something a little different for their website, which is why we offer the following: Site Boomerang Video Spokesperson Video Email Lead Confirmation Videos The great thing about our video production services is that we do whatever we can to work with YOUR vision. We won't go ahead with the creation of your new website video until we've taken the time to chat with you and figure out what you're looking for. Our web video production team will make sure that you don't have to rearrange anything on your webpage. We will create a video to fit into YOUR webpage. CONTACT US FOR INTERNET VIDEO PRODUCTION AT ITS FINEST If you would like to contact us, please don't hesitate to fill in our online contact form or give us a call on 877-974-8364. We love to hear from our current and prospective clients. We guarantee that you can always look forward to a professional, friendly response from our customer care consultants.
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