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Executive Messaging
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In-Studio or On-Location!

Our video webcasting services, based here in Atlanta, allow executives to deliver time-sensitive messaging simultaneously to all employee and vendor team members. Provide your workforce and clients with timely communications and direct messaging from corporate leadership via live video streaming produced from your corporate office, town hall meetings, conferences or our new studio.

Webcasts are a visually engaging type of virtual communication, allowing your company to reduce travel costs and time away from the office. They provide real-time dissemination of information to a national or worldwide audience, with immediate feedback and Q&A from viewers. At Laser Stream Video, we ensure your webcast fits your needs and budget. Our streaming web casting is custom-scaled specifically for your corporate environment, venue and viewing audience.

Web casting can be streamed live, or we can pre-record, and you can push out to your viewing audience at a later date. This latter method allows you to ensure flubs, errors, etc. are removed before being seen by your audience.

Your IT team can breath easy! Laser Stream Video video uses technology that works over the web and is viewable on desktops, laptops or mobile devices. No additional hardware is required form your IT department. We're also Zoom compatible!

Nto only does our professional production team work frequently with C-level executives, some of our team members used to be members of the C-Suite. So, we bring a unique perspective and level of experience to your production. We know how to make your executives comfortable and look good on camera, regardless of their previous on-camera experience.

After your live webcast, we can provide the video stream as an on-demand presentation for your archives or Intranet, allowing team members who could not attend to view your web cast.

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